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Evelyn Rhines was a guest on Black Twin Cities Internet Radio on April 24, 2010. You can listen to her appearance below:

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Success Stories

I have known Evelyn since 1983. I recently joined her on the journey of eating healthy and maintaining a healthy life with cooking and exercise. The meals she prepared were amazing. Quick and easy each meal she prepared had a recipe attached along with every ingredient. I must admit from the meals I would pick up weekly to the work out plan and positive thinking makes you aware there is more to just eating healthy. My favorite is Knock em out Pizza. The Home made Salsa has to be the best Salsa I have ever tasted.

To start out on the right foot from day one she has taught me to Plan my work and work my Plan!! If I can’t work the Plan then she provides a Plan for me. I think it hits home when she has you start your journal of daily foods you consume. Down to the nitty gritty. For instance I started to keep track of what I ate. From morning to night for 30days.. Then I gave her the journal down to even 1 French fry. Once Evelyn added up the calories instituted the foods I love to eat to at cook book I started overall changing my eating habits. She then led me off of the foods I assumed were good for me to the foods that are Healthy. Understanding now when something states Fat Free doesn’t mean I can have as much as I like... My biggest goal was Soda Pop... To get me away from this had to be a miracle... She text messaged me emails me and calls me. Water is your friend. Water is your friend... To the point you buy nothing but water and when you open your own refrigerator you have to drink it. Discipline with a rewarding experience. I have lost and continue to loose weight weekly.

Thank you Evelyn for you Courage to deal with me and my Bad Attitude to keep me living a healthy life style. I feel better now at almost 40 shhhh than I did in my 20’s

Barbara Ann Kroger

I've known big Evelyn and I've known little Evelyn my whole life. The transformation that has taken place with her body and health without any type of weight-loss surgery or diet gimmicks is truly amazing. She has to be the most driven and disciplined person I know. If you say she can't she will show you she can and will; this has been the story of her life.

Evelyn has never been to cooking school and really ate fast food the majority of her adult years, until she decided it was time to change and
get back to her athletic physique. If you live in the Twin Cities and get a chance to have Evelyn Cook for you don't refuse. She is the best not only healthy cook I know but the best cook. There is something about the recipes that she puts together that not only make you full but taste better then quote unquote regular food.

I get the extreme pleasure of taste testing a lot of Evelyn's Recipes. I have never eaten anything I didn't like. She turned me onto celery of all things. My favorite is her Knock'em Out BBQ Chicken Pizza and Mango Salsa. She even has me eating bison, bison of all things me, bison. I like it better then a lot of fast food burgers out there. Don't even get me started talking about her Free-Range Hamburgers. I can't wait until we thaw out in the North here so we can start our Summer time grilling.

If you have been looking for a life change and someone that can encourage you every step of the way contact Evelyn and her team of life changers at Cookbookdiet.com. You want be disappointed.

Steve Martin

Bloomington, MN

I have known Evelyn for over fifteen years now.  When I met Evelyn she was athlete turned corporate woman and struggling with knee injuries left over from her athlete days that resulted in her weight gain.  For years Evelyn lived in various degrees of pain and managed her way through several surgeries.  When Evelyn decided to make a change in her diet and exercise I watched as this woman literally reinvented herself.  Had I not observed her incredible makeover I swear, I could have passed her on the street and not recognized her!  She has completely transformed herself into an entirely new woman inside and out.  I would recommend Evelyn's strategy to anyone who is truly committed to transforming themselves into an image of good health and happiness.

Seanne Thomas

It has been a pleasure knowing Evelyn for the past five years and some… I met her at the height of her weight gain. At first she represented all of US overweight individuals who struggled with the idea of losing weight and keeping it off for good.  Yet, there was something more incredible about Evelyn. She had such will power and discipline, greater than anyone I have every encountered…A diet and fitness regime is only as good as the person using it. With Evelyn, she took a remarkable weight lost system and ran with it (more like sprinted).  Now, after 100 pounds later, I have a hard time remembering her as one of US…She truly is an inspiration!!!

Debbie Gorman

I wanted to find another option to losing weight and getting healthy other than walking. I started the bike riding routine after almost 20 years of not riding. At first it was a bit scary and tough. I can tell you that I have never been more happy than when I get a chance to just hit the trails and ride my bike. I cannot believe it took me this long to get back on. I plan on continuing with this and look forward to the health benefits and enjoyment I get from biking. I would encourage anyone who has not biked in awhile just try it. Challenge yourself and find others who are willing to come along for the ride. It is a great way to enjoy the fresh air and scenery.
Carole S.

Dinner was great. I liked the turkey burgers almost better then hamburgers, they had great flavor. Now as for the mango salsa it was okay, however I like tomato based salsa better. I can't wait until you invite me again.

Mendota Heights

It's okay to be a member of the clean plate club at Evelyn's House. It is all good and it is all healthy. She shows you how to eat in moderation and enjoy it. I am coming back next weekend.

Minneapolis, MN

The before and after photos are great and I like the receipes. I cannot wait to try the turkey burgers and I really am looking forward to getting back out on the bike trails again this year. It was challenging but a lot of fun and great excercise as well. You are a wonderful friend and inspiration. Thanks for your hard work

Carole Sheridan

Thanks Evelyn for lunch....Mango salsa was very good and so was the mini bugers, happy to say I'm part of the clean plate club at Evelyn's!

Sharon Larkins on Facebook

Evelyn, thank you for sharing some of the recipes of cookbookdiet :) I look forward to making the icecream pie with my daughter :)

Pearl Dobbins on Facebook


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